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Pirataria electrónica de livros escolares

No Boston Globe o autor Alex Beam escreve sobre pirataria electrónica de livros escolares (via P2P).

Alguns excertos:
«[...] how can I support this? I should be an absolutist on copyright protection for all books, magazines, and newspapers. But I'm not. The publishers have disgraced themselves, and they are paying the price. Three-hundred-dollar textbooks in the hard sciences are not unusual, and the companies are selling to a captive audience. Hundred-dollar add-ons, masquerading as digital workbooks, or problem-solving sets, are not uncommon.
How do I know textbook publishers are nothing but pirates in pin-striped suits?
Now most textbook publishers are going digital, and Amazon is promising a larger-format Kindle reader for the student market. The publishers say that iTexts, which often cost less than $100, save students money. [...]»

Ler artigo aqui.



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